40 of Our Favorite Date Ideas

We hope everyone enjoyed Valentines day and in honor of the month of love we wanted to share some of our favorite date ideas. Don’t get us wrong, we love to binge watch Netflix just as much as you do, just not every weekend. Let’s be real, sometimes when you do decide to go out you get stuck in a rut of going to the same restaurant, sitting in the same booth, and ordering the same meal. It’s time to SHAKE THINGS UP! We love a good excuse to get dolled up or to explore the outdoors. So, today we are featuring a list of 40 date ideas and there’s a little something for everyone, from introverts to adventurers. Get creative and leave your own ideas in the comments!

  1. Visit a botanical garden: Take a walk through the pathways enjoying the beauty of nature, taking photos together along the way to document the visit. Typically, botanical gardens will have a dining option but if not pack a snack and hang out amidst the lush greenery and beautiful blooms. Obviously, we are lovers of all things floral so this one is absolutely one of our favorite date ideas!

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  2. Mini putt: Putt putt is a great way to get to know your partners playful competitive side! Make it interesting with a small wager, loser buys dinner or winner gets a foot rub. If you aren’t a competitive pair this could just be a good excuse to get close when they show you how to hold the club.

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  3. Beach day trip: If you’re near the coast this is a great utilization of a day off without the price tag of an overnight trip. Explore the boardwalk, rent bicycles, or just lay on the beach.
  4. Brewery or winery tour: Virginia has exploded with wineries and breweries in recent years and it is difficult to keep up with the ever-growing list. Touring a winery or brewery is a great way to learn about the process as well as learn what you like. You may luck out and find that your local winery or brewery has live music when you visit.
  5. Vineyard management course: Some wineries take education to the next level and offer Vineyard Management Courses. This experience can be a fun way to explore how the two of you might spend retirement.
  6. Float the river: Whether you float in a canoe, a kayak, or an inner-tube; relaxing your way down the river is a great day date for the two of you or a group. Be sure to wear sunscreen and bring drinking water!
  7. Go hiking: For the couple seeking adventure we recommend taking a hike, literally! There are hundreds of miles in hiking trails from easy to difficult in the Shenandoah National Park alone. Many orchards, wineries, and parks offer scenic trails as well. Be sure to research items you’ll need to pack to stay prepared.
  8. Picnic: Pack a lunch, yummy beverage, a blanket and a good book then settle into the grass with all your goodies. Read aloud to one another or just pick out shapes in the clouds. Weather doesn’t permit? Spread the blanket in your living room floor, it’s still intimate and fun.
  9. Cooking class: Not all of us are very good in the kitchen. Expand your skills together with a cooking class and then utilize your newly learned skills on your next date.
  10. Chopped challenge: Maybe you’re a genie in the kitchen and can create something out of what some see as nothing. Put your skills to the test by having your partner pick out random ingredients and host your own Chopped Challenge.
  11. Berry picking: Visit your local berry grower and pick a bushel of your favorites. Use your goodies to make breakfast smoothies or something a little sweeter.
  12. Dance class: Dance classes are a super fun way to get close and gain confidence on the dance floor. There are plenty of dancing style options to choose from and it’s a great way to stay active.
  13. Go dancing: You’ve had the classes and now it’s time to show off your new moves.
  14. Couples massage: There’s honestly no better way to relax than with a good massage. Add a little intimacy by sharing one with your other half. If you’re looking for a more cost effective version you can set the mood in your own home by dimming the lights, lighting candles and playing white noise at a low volume. Set the timer and take turns helping each other relax with a massage.
  15. Stargazing: Nights can be a little on the cool side most of the year so bring a blanket and maybe a thermos of mulled wine to keep warm.
  16. Water park: Water parks aren’t just for kids, skip the family outing and visit a water park as a duo. Liberate the inner kid in you and splash the day away together.
  17. Brunch: What’s better than breakfast? Breakfast you can have champagne with that you don’t have to get up super early for. “More bacon please!”

    image courtesy of Becca Rillo Photography


  18. Volunteer together: Deciding where or how to volunteer is a great way to learn about your shared values and when you volunteer together you’re giving back double.
  19. Speakeasy: Step back in time to an era of swing, jazz, and sophistication. Have a great cocktail and hit the dance floor!
  20. Visit a tourist attraction: Sometimes the most interesting attractions are right in your own town! If you’re in Virginia some of our favorites are: The Natural Bridge, Luray Caverns, and Shenandoah National Park to name a few.
  21. Candlelit dinner at home: Create a romantic candlelit dinner in the comfort of your own home or even in your backyard.
  22. Visit open houses: Whether you’re dreaming up ideas to build your own home or just dreaming, visiting open houses is a ton of fun!
  23. Play bartender: Invite a few friends over in an effort to perfect your bar-tending skills while having a good time.
  24. Aquarium/zoo: Take a walk around the zoo together or explore the aquarium.

    image courtesy of Norman Arroyo Photography


  25. Comedy club: Grab drinks and hit up a late-night comedy club. What better way to spend the spend the evening then laughing together?
  26. Theme a dinner: Focus your theme anywhere in the world! Let’s say you’ve been craving enchiladas, well go ahead and theme the whole dinner. From mariachi music to margaritas. YUM!
  27. Craft together: You’ve all seen the DIY project on Pinterest that there is never enough time for. Make a list of your favorites and decide together which is most feasible then set aside the time. You will learn about each other’s skills and have an awesome product as an end result.
  28. Walk shelter pets: Shelters sometimes rely on the generosity of volunteers and don’t always have the help needed to keep the animals active. If you’re considering getting a pet of your own this is a great way to see what breed is best for you.
  29. Attend a Formal Event: Whether you attend the ballet, an opera or the symphony, it’s nice to have a reason to dress to the nines. Maybe you aren’t exactly into performing arts, there are other options such as; benefit dinners, fundraising galas, art galleries and many more.
  30. Just drive: Explore the unknown and lose yourselves on country roads with the wind in your hair. Forget the map and just let your adventure take the lead.
  31. Bike riding: Explore the local parks, trails, or beaches with your loved one pedaling alongside you. Plus, bike riding is a great way to slip a little cardio into your date without feeling like you’ve just left the gym.
  32. Take a Class: Whether you want to introduce your partner to your hobby or you’re both looking to learn something new, there are a ton of options. Learn to sew, take a firearms course, or enroll in a class together at your local community college. Expanding your skill set is always a good idea!
  33. Complete a puzzle: Our recommendation is to start with a 500-piece puzzle, especially if you’re trying to finish in one date.
  34. Couples game night: Hosting a game night is awesome because you know you’ll like the games, the snacks, the drinks, and the company. Feel free to create your own couples trivia and make your games interesting with prizes! I’m all for the loser doing dishes that week. 😉
  35. Bed and breakfast: Get away for the weekend or just the night. We all love being served breakfast in bed and this way you don’t have to worry about the cleanup. Plus, your host will know the perfect local attractions!
  36. Hot air balloon ride: Site see from a completely different perspective, sailing through the sky. The experience will be talked about for years to come, plus there so many photo opportunities!

    image courtesy of Sebastien Gabriel


  37. Model for a photographer: Sometimes photographers need models for creative projects they may be working on. Reach out to local photographers to let them know the two of you would like to be considered. You get to play dress up and get amazing photos as a couple!
  38. Role play: Next time the two of you are in a strange new city, take on new personas. Pretend you’re in town on business or that your flight was grounded for “technical difficulties” and meet up in the lobby to introduce the new you.
  39. Plan a dream vacay: Sometimes all you need to do is dream. Maybe you don’t have the funds or the time for your dream vacation right now but dreaming it up is half the fun! Take the day to plan what you would do and sites you would see. Who knows, you may even have the opportunity to have that dream vacation down the road.
  40. Knock something off of your bucket list: Whether your list includes learning another language or going sky diving, sharing such a tremendous goal will bring the two of you closer together.We hope you enjoyed this article and find the time to get out and try a few of our favorite date ideas!








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